Music & Arts

Paul DiDario – Director of Music and Choir Director
Paul DiDario is a double degreed Julliard School of Music graduate, holding both a Bachelor's and a Master's of Music in Piano Performance. He directs the adult choir at Willow Grove Church and is responsible, along with the pastor, for all the music in worship. Each Sunday he plays the electric keyboard as well as the piano, leading the congregation and choir in inspiring music. An active member of Willow Grove Church, he is committed to expanding our ministry of music. He plays special performances at Willow Grove’s Concerts in the Grove. If you would like to sing with the choir or play an instrument in worship, please contact Paul. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 908-769-5742. You can learn more about Mr. DiDario’s musical background, private lessons, concerts and CD’s on his website

Marilyn Thorne, Organist
Each week Marilyn Thorne plays a range of pieces on the organ and helps the congregation praise God through music. She is also the accompanist for the choir. Ms. Thorne is an active member and elder at Willow Grove Church.

Musical Groups and Concerts
Throughout the year, Willow Grove hosts concerts for musical groups who rehearse here and other special events. They include the following groups. The church newsletter will have current information about upcoming dates. You can also visit the groups websites. (links below) Imperial Brass – Christmas and Spring Concerts
Chinese American Musical Ensemble – spring concert
Music From China Youth Orchestra – spring concert (add links to these three groups)

Events – Fabric Art and Quilts
Willow Grove is committed to providing artists a place to display their work. In March 2009, we hosted the Annual Harvest Quilters Quilt and Fabric Art Show. Throughout the church, over 200 traditional quilts, African quilts, art quilts and more filled every room. Adults and children of all ages enjoy this amazing show that celebrates quilts as an art form. A quilt raffle raised money for Center for Hope Hospice that serves Union County. The show has become an annual event. For more information about Harvest Quilters, visit their
Click here for pictures and article about quilt show.

More visual arts shows are being planned.
Check back for updates.